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67th RRMC - Call for Technical Session Abstracts

Call for Technical Session Abstracts:                                                                                                                       Current as of May 22nd, 2024


Please submit a one page abstract to the Technical Program Organizers Dave DiPrete ( or Hiromu Kurosaki ( within the scope of the conference by August 15, 2024.  The Technical Committee will review all submissions and notify you if your abstract has been selected for either an oral or poster presentation, unless you specify any restrictions.  Student abstracts are encouraged.  Please see RRMC Objectives for more information.


When submitting a technical abstract, please use the following format in a MS Word Compatible Document:

Presenter affiliation
Presenter email address
Additional Authors and Affiliations

Briefly, within 1 pages, describe the work that will be presented. Abstract should include a brief background on the importance of the topic, a description of the experimental approach, and any preliminary results that will be discussed.  For works in progress, results that are expected by RRMC 2024 may be included as well. The information provided in your abstract will assist the technical program committee in grouping similar presentations into sessions.  

In your submission email, please indicate if you would prefer an oral or poster presentation.

Accepted abstracts may be revised or extended to 2 pages which can be submitted to the Technical Program Organizers Dave DiPrete ( or Hiromu Kurosaki ( by October 10th, or the originally submitted abstract will be used.  The final abstracts will be compiled and placed on the conference website for attendees to download prior to the conference. 

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