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The Organizing Committee of the 32nd Annual Conference on Bioassay, Analytical, and Environmental Radiochemistry began the tradition by presenting three awards for meritorious service to the Bioassay Conference. The Organizing Committees of several subsequent Annual Conferences carried on this tradition, which is not necessarily an annual event.     
The 65th Annual Radiobioassay and Radiochemical Measurements Conference is a continuation of an informal conference that has a long history.


The Award

The award has taken the form of either a parchment, which was also signed by the attendees or a wall plaque. The text of the award:     

Whereas, the participants in this conference pursue professional excellence and soulful cogitation,                
Whereas, topics of debate at this conference are at the forefront of scientific knowledge, Whereas, this conference is blessed with independent existence, and is dedicated to the preservation of free creativity and open exchange of intelligence, and         
Whereas, these publications of acclaim are the sole documents issued by this conference for public perlustration,         
Be It Known that all honors, rights, privileges, and praises which pertain to this letter of recognition are presented to                                  

(Name of Individual)                                                                                 

by Conference colleagues in sincere felicitation and appreciation for inspirational leadership and meritorious scientific contributions at the Radiobioassay and Radiochemical Measurements Conference.

The Recipients
32nd Annual Meeting — Washington, DC
A. Brodsky
C.W. Sill
J. Sedlet                                                                                         

33rd Annual Meeting — Berkeley, CA
W. D. Moss
K. Heid
L. Levanthal

35th Annual Meeting — Charleston, SC
David E. McCurdy
Gary H. Kramer
Kenneth G.W. Inn

37th Annual Meeting — Ottawa, Ontario
Jim Harvey
Roscoe M. Hall

38th Annual Meeting — Santa Fe, NM
Jay E. McInroy

40th Annual Meeting — Cincinnati, OH
Isabel M. Fisenne
Robert Holtzmann

41st Annual Meeting — Boston, MA
Myint Thein
Henry B. Spitz
Dale G. Olson

42nd Annual Meeting — San Francisco, CA
Isabel Dupzyk
Matt M. Lardy

43rd Annual Meeting — Charleston, SC
Jack McDowell

44th Annual Meeting — Albuquerque, NM
William C. Burnett
David P. Hickman
Daniel M. Montgomery
J. Stan Morton

45th Annual Meeting — Gaithersburg, MD
Bill Hayes
Mo Khalil
Jay MacLellan
Tom Rucker

46th Annual Meeting — Seattle, WA
Lee Sygitowicz
Chuan Fu Wu
Bahman Parsa
Amir Mohaghaghi
Robert Loesch

47th Annual Meeting — Honolulu, HI
Jay MacLellan
Donivan R. Porterfield

48th Annual Meeting — Knoxville, TN
Mary Wisdom
Michael Fern

49th Annual Meeting — Jackson Hole, WY
Donna Beals
Rodney Melgard
Robert Shannon
Sandra Wagner

50th Annual Meeting — Cincinnati, OH
Richard Blanchard
Norman Cohen
Naomi Harley

51st Annual Meeting — Stateline/Tahoe, NV
Frazier Bronson
Doug VanCleef

52nd Annual Meeting — Chicago, IL
Carolyn Wong
Phil Horowitz (Lifetime Achievement)

53rd Annual Meeting — Jackson Hole, WY
Steve Bohrer
Phillip Horwitz
David Sill

54th Annual Meeting — Sandestin, FL
Sherrod Maxwell
Ann Mullin

55th Annual Meeting — San Antonio, TX
Anna Berne
John Meriwether

56th Annual Meeting — Richland, WA
Larry Jassin
Keith McCroan

57th Annual Meeting — Sandestin, FL
John Griggs

58th Annual Meeting — Fort Collins, CO
Anita Bhatt
Robert Litman
Robert Rosson

59th Annual Meeting — Rohnert Park, CA
Rodney Melgard (Lifetime Achievement)

60th Annual Meeting — Knoxville, TN
Marty Johnson
Claude Sill (Lifetime Achievement)

61st Annual Meeting — Iowa City, IA
"Travailler Dans Les Coulisses"
Susie Brockman and Tammy Pattison

62nd Annual Meeting — Honolulu, HI
Dominic Lariviere

63rd Annual Meeting — Portland, ME
David Fauth
Robert Jones

64th Annual Meeting — Santa Fe, NM
David DiPrete
Kenneth Inn (Lifetime Achievement)

65th Annual Meeting - Atlanta, GA

Dan McAlister

Evgeny Taskaev

66th Annual Meeting - West Palm Beach, FL

Hiromu Kurosaki


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